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All Guilds Meeting - April 2012

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Hello everyone!  It's Doobes again with details from our latest All Guilds Meeting in Kirel, one that could win the title for Fastest...AGM...Ever!  I bring our raw and cleansed chatlogs of the proceedings.  Here is what you missed:

Guild of Sleepers

Alien and her crew were first up this month.  She turned it over to new member Rock Ardemar to talk about their anniversary party celebrating their first full year of existence on May 10th.  Details are still forthcoming, but there are plans for both a celebration and hopefully a marker game to go along with their planned event.  Keep checking back here for the latest updates.

Guild of Writers/H'uru

Branan and Hoikas come up next to talk about the latest on their shard, Gehn.  The pod party they held recently that also served as a stress test went very well and provided them with even more ideas for improvement of the server.  They hope to have a new update for the shard in about seven to ten days.  Hoikas was even using the AGM itself, and the people there, to stress test his client, showing they are always busy with something.

Annabelle's Marker Quests

No AGM would be complete these days without news from Annabelle.  She described her next release (her sixth) called Beyond Imagination, a series of 24 quests in Kadish Tolesa.  She promises that these quests will take you to incredible heights in the Age; in some places, as much as 230 feet (or 70.104 meters)!  She hopes to have this quest released before the end of the month.

Guild of Messengers

With our Guild Masters Leonardo and Lunanne absent, it was up to Musica and I to present for the GoMe.  I mentioned the video project in the works and our need for any help we could get on that.  I also reiterated the constant need for anyone who would like to contribute to The Cavern Post (with the latest issue still being put together) or volunteers for the Cavern Criers.

Due to the fast-paced nature of this meeting, I nearly missed rarified in the crowd and brought him up to present for OU.  Work continues on the Minkata shard, with several fixes in the pipeline, with Christian Walther stepping up to do what he can with clearing the backlog.  They are still reviewing the data from their own stress test and would like to schedule a new one, hopefully in a few weeks.


Something that has seemingly become a new tradition at the end of our meetings has been mentioning the status of CAVCON, which is currently sitting at a not-so-healthy 2.  Some suggested planning a new fundraising party (possibly during GoSleep's), so look for more details here as they come in.  We at GoMe also encourage everyone to donate to the cause (if they can) to keep things in MOULa running.

Leonardo should be back for May's AGM.  Until then...enjoy your April!

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